Excursion / Transfers
All the Marine Parks are easily accessible by boat, while Port-Launay can also be reached on foot.  Local tour operators, yachts and boat charters are tasked with providing daily excursions and the transfer of visitors to these areas.

All the official Nature trails are open to visitors. Visiting the trails are free except for Copolia Trail on Mahe which is Rs100 entrance fee for non-citizen above 12 years.

The Veuve Reserve on La Digue is easily accessible and entrance fee is R150 for unguided visits and R200 for guided tours, for non-citizen above 12 years.

Opening hours

All the Marine National Parks are open daily from 0800 - 1700, including public holidays.

Veuve Reserve opens from 0900-1700, Monday to Saturday. Close Sunday and Public Holidays.

Copolia Trail opens 0800-1600, 7days a week except on public holidays.

Entry requirements
All non-residents entering any of the marine national parks must be in possession of a valid entry ticket.
(Please note this is not a landing fee, fee applicable once within park boundary)

Tickets must be retained and surrendered on requests by park rangers performing routine patrols.  Visitors booking through tour operators normally have entry fees included in the package.

Price Guide
• Entry Fee:
SCR200 or equivalent per day per non-resident visitor above 12yrs. Children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge.

• Mooring Fee:
SCR250 per yacht for overnight mooring.

• Filming Fee:
Film crews and professional photographers are liable to a US$200 fee.
However, written permission must be sought from the Management prior to any commercial filming.

Payment methods
Cash in Seychelles Rupees (though other major currencies are accepted – US$, Euro (€), UK£)

Ticket outlets

Marine Park Tickets can be purchased at the following outlets:-

Port-Launay/Baie Ternay: with rangers on duty (0800hrs - 1600hrs) daily

Curieuse: with rangers on duty (0800hrs - 1700hrs) daily

Ile Coco: with rangers on duty (0800hrs - 1700hrs) and SNPA kiosk on La
Digue Jetty (0800hrs - 1700hrs) daily 

Masons Travel/ Creole Travel - cater only for their guests/visitors.

Ste Anne: can be obtained from SNPA headquarters, Laurier Avenue,Victoria (Monday to Friday, 0800hrs - 1600hrs) or from ranger on duty (0700hrs - 1700hrs) daily


Copolia Trail tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the trail at Sans Soucis, Mahe

Veuve Reserve ticket can be purchased at the reserve.

Restricted zones
Access to the following areas is prohibited :-
Northern coast of Curieuse including Anse Badamier
Nesting beaches of Ste.Anne  (Grand Anse, Gran Manon,Petit Manon, Anse Cimitière)

As you explore these protected areas, please help us to keep them special by complying with park regulations:
• Please pay entry fees
• Anchor in designated areas if possible, or else on the sand bottom so as not to damage the reef.
• Watch for swimmers and snorkellers when operating boats.
• Water skiing, speed-boat racing or any motorised water sports are all prohibited.
• Do not carry a spear gun, fishing gear, or fish traps within the park’s vicinity.
• Respect all marine life.  Do not fish or collect shells, plants, corals or other aquatic life.
• Take your litter home with you.

Services & Facilities
Guided tour
Afternoon guided walks (@2pm) are hosted by rangers for visitors, on Curieuse, interested in discovering the history and appreciating the island unique biodiversity.

BBQ facilities
The Curieuse Marine Park is equipped with BBQ grills for free use by visitors.

There is no overnight accommodation for tourists.  However, full accommodation facilities exist on Curieuse  for scientists, groups of researchers or large groups of students at a rate of SCR300 per person per night.

• Hire of boats/ equipment - Boat hire available at SCR250 per trip

No such facilities exist within the marine parks.