The SNPA Strategic Plan (2017-2021) was approved by Cabinet in October 2017. The plan is aimed at reinforcing SNPA’s capacity, addressing its resource issues and also enhancing its capacity to leverage more support from partners and stakeholders. Enhanced engagement with partners and stakeholders remain a cornerstone of SNPA’s operations, in recognition of the fact that the organisation, despite its strengths, would not be able to effectively manage protected areas without strong commitment from its stakeholders. The plan also highlights the need for an organisational and performance review in order to improve its management effectiveness.

Marketing & Communications Plan (2019-2024)

The SNPA Marketing & Communication Plan was drafted after a lengthy process through a series of consultations and surveys where stakeholders and the general public had the opportunity to give their input. It is a response to what SNPA's visitors, partners and potential financial sponsors, as well as Seychellois residents want and need from the SNPA and its protected areas.

The plan explores various ways and means of communicating to SNPA's wide range of stakeholders, partners and clients.

"A decade of SNPA is a quarter of the 40 years which have seen the protection of our beloved parks. The strength of any organization is in its people and we are no exception. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you do on a daily basis that contributes to the progress of the organisation. "
CEO Selby Remy