So Christmas is over and its back to work and school. Nothing left to celebrate? Not to worry, we have you covered. January 31 is National Protected Areas Day and a great opportunity to explore our National Parks!

Seychelles is blessed with rich and unique biodiversity. It is what contributes to make Seychelles such an attractive destination for our foreign visitors. Currently, Seychelles has 38 Protected Areas (go on, see if you can name them all), some are marine or shell reserves, some terrestrial and some are both. Together they total over 55,000 hectares. They represent places of preservation for rare or endemic species, ensuring that these are available for future generations to enjoy.

Protected Areas are not just conservation spaces. Many are attractions for visitors to our islands. Marine areas may include fish nurseries that replenish fish stocks and so benefit the fishing industries. Rivers within the national parks naturally filter and regulate the water supply, providing residents with a consistent clean water source. Equally important, national parks support healthy living – walking the nature trails can be more fun than road running or treadmills. They offer quiet places to reflect and reconnect with the sounds and smells of nature.