A group of Air Seychelles staff from Mahé and Praslin participated in a tree planting activity at the Veuve Special Reserve in La Digue, earlier in May, to assist with the conservation of the reserve eco-system.

Held in partnership with the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA), the tree planting activity formed part of the airline’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to educate and build more awareness about the importance of protecting the natural environment as a way to counter climate change development.

A total of 100 trees were planted on the 21 hectare plateau of the reserve also home to the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, Seychelles Sunbird, Seychelles Bulbul as well as the Seychelles Terrapins bird all of which are endemic to the Seychelles.

Sheryl Barra, Head of Corporate Affairs at Air Seychelles, said: “Over the past five years, Air Seychelles has worked closely with the SNPA on numerous projects including the most recent translocation of the Paradise Flycatchers from Denis to Curieuse Island. To help in protecting the home of the Paradise Flycatchers including all the endemic species found in the reserve, besides being an excellent team building experience for our team, the tree planting activity was good approach to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining the green scenery of the reserve which continues to attract many visitors in addition to protecting the unique species found in the reserve. Part of the airline CSR project for this year is focused on working with partners in the community to support the national drive in protecting the Seychelles environment by tackling key issues such as climate change, restoration projects including participating in beach clean-up activities to eliminate plastic waste.

Thus we are proud to have conducted this first activity in La Digue and we will continue to build on the excellent partnership with the SNPA to work on similar projects in the future.”

Josianna Rose, Manager of the Veuve Reserve said: “On behalf of the SNPA, I would like to thank the management and staff of Air Seychelles in conducting the tree planting activity which was a great success. Air Seychelles has indeed demonstrated the strong commitment to support the protected breeding and feeding habitat for the rare endemic bird species, the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone corvina) population in the Veuve Reserve on La Digue.

The commitment of the airline has been very much appreciated and we hope to maintain the continued partnership. Veuve Reserve is very grateful for the support received and we are looking forward for more collaborated activities in the future.”

Apart from the tree planting activity, the team also had the chance to see the unique Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher flying around in the reserve as well as other endemic species.