The launch of two new plans in April 2019 by the Seychelles National Parks Authority underlines its commitment to protect and safeguard Seychelles’ protected areas in the most efficient and productive manner.

Since the beginning of the year, the SNPA has adjusted course to a new era of financial autonomy: the authority now manages its budget and revenues independently and must determine how to best manage the operation of the parks, ensure beneficial research is carried out to inform such decisions, and provide sufficient infrastructure for customers to enjoy the parks responsibly and sustainably.

The SNPA Strategic Plan 2017-2021, which has been guiding the organisation through this transition, makes provision for Management Plans for each site to be completed by 2020. The Curieuse Management Plan is the first in this series of plans and will be the benchmark for those to follow.

At the launching ceremony, SNPA’s Chairperson, Helena Simms, said: “The management plan of Curieuse we are launching today is key in order to protect and conserve the identified values of Curieuse while providing for reasonable opportunities to access and make use of the area for eco-tourism, education, recreation and scientific purposes.”

Curieuse is one of the most visited parks in Seychelles, recording over 50,000 visitors in 2017.

Alongside the Curieuse Management Plan, the SNPA’s Marketing and Communications Plan was also launched.  The plan analyses the needs of all stakeholders from visitors to conservation partners and proposes ways to respond to them. Effective communication is key in driving the Strategic Plan forward and each stakeholder has different needs and views on what communication should entail. A detailed matrix in the plan cross checks each option available and how SNPA should develop it.

SNPA’s CEO Selby Remy, who has been heading the organization for the past year, reiterated the organisation’s commitment and willingness to move SNPA forward. He credited his dedicated team to the organisation’s success so far and expressed his confidence that the newly launched plans will help elevate the work which SNPA does even further.

The plans are results of joint efforts from SNPA,  GoS-UNDP-GEF PA Finance Project team, the Programme Coordination Unit and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Energy.