Helena was greatly honoured when asked to assume the mantle of Chairperson for National Parks in February 2018 and her vast experience to date ensures that the reigns of this vital authority are in safe hands. Helena plans to use her experience to provide a fresh outlook on the future of the Authority as it transitions to financial autonomy status in the coming year. She believes in a bottom up approach when it comes to conservation as well as hands on management. 

Helena Participating in Ste Anne Marine Park Annual Kayak Race

She is adamant that empowering employees to feel competent, capable and successful is key because when employees feel empowered they best serve your organisation. Likewise, she believes that the people of Seychelles need to feel ownership of their land and ocean, to understand that the responsibility of respecting and conserving our environment (our bread and butter) relies not only on entities that manage protected areas, but also on all people of the country who depend on them and reap their benefits daily. This is where S.N.P.A`S. role in education and awareness on the role of biodiversity conservation is also imperative. Improving on S.N.P.A`s community involvement is vital to move forward. Helena wants to work with communities, residents and business owners who live or work within the National Parks. Consultation with everyone is important, especially when implementing new strategies. Helena feels tasked and honoured to manage these areas for and on behalf of the people of Seychelles.

Representing Seychelles in International conferences

With the transition to autonomy, the S.N.P.A. has a great opportunity to improve its financial outlook and strategies to best serve the people of Seychelles, visitors of marine and terrestrial National Parks and its employees. Careful thought needs to be put into updating the legislation that defines the mandate of the Authority (SNPA Order) as it changes its status, as well as developing sound business strategies for the financial sustainability of the organisation. The transition is expected to be a challenge for the organisation but the team is gearing up to face it head on, for the first time in Seychelles’ history, a woman at the helm.

Helena lives comfortably with her decision to follow her dreams into shaping the environment of Seychelles. Yet there is still more to learn about her.

She is also a businesswomen with a small portfolio of rental properties and she lives perched amongst the lush vegetation of La Misere, adjacent to the buffer zone of the Morne Seychellois National Park. She works tirelessly with the Autism Society in Seychelles, supporting and promoting this special gift that challenges her own nine year old son.

Helena feels blessed to have been raised and to be living and working in such a beautiful country. Her heart beats to the Seychelles rhythm, she is truly an island girl by nature and profession.


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