After briefing from SNPA staff, the group was split into four; one was to remain on this site (to sort out waste collected and to enter data), while the other three groups were to be split into; Going to Anse Kalis, to the Helipad and to move from La Passe beach and make their way towards the helipad (total distance cleaned 1.64km).

After about 2 hours of cleaning and sorting, 1869 pieces of rubbish, weighing 66 kg, were collected from Anse kalis and La Passe Beach.  The most common waste encountered were metals (540 pieces) and that included the metal bottle caps. The second most common waste item collected was “others” with 522 pieces (consisting of paper, biodegradable spoons etc…).

It would have taken another 5 hours to sort out the  large amount of rubbish collected from Helipad all the way down to La Passe beach, thus it was decided that it was best to simply weigh them and for that area, 588 kg was collected, bringing total weight for the whole clean up to 654kg. The participants were really pleased with their efforts, at “preventing pollution and for the solution used that day”. Before refreshment was served, the students were reminded of the importance of using bins and were encouraged to share data collected with family and friends.

SNPA and partners wish to thank all the participants for bringing World Ocean Day 2018 Celebration to La Digue. The organizers are also grateful to all the sponsors; Creole Travel Services, LWMA and Mr Gerard Lablache.