Passing by the Montessori at Bel Air, close to Bel Aux School, you must have observed that there is a site which is free from Merremia peltata (lalyann darzan), Thunbergia grandiflora (lalyann Tronpet) and other IAS, that once occupied that area. After a number of challenges, SNPA was able to remove the creepers, giving the site a completely new look. The Authority is currently working very hard to prevent the creepers from recolonizing the area. Regular maintenance have been done and the planting of endemic plants have begun. A group of volunteers from Lions Club Seychelles and SNPA staffs planted some 300 trees end of May this year. The site at Bel Air is very significant as it is being used as a demonstration site, to show the proper steps involved in control of invasive plants. SNPA staffs are currently the main actors in the country dealing with invasive creepers. Even if the task at hand is not easy, staffs are making sure that the country achieves Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 which focuses specifically on managing forests sustainably, halting and reversing land and natural habitat degradation, successfully combating desertification and stopping biodiversity loss.