It is important to note that the area was cleaned three months ago, in celebration of World Ocean Day. Sadly to note, a few hours after cleaning the area, some unidentified folks visiting in a white car, dumped their take-away boxes, bottles of water and plastic cups, leaving one to wonder whether they actually noticed that the area had just been cleaned.

How can people use this area as a ‘chill out place’ and a toilet at the same time is beyond comprehension.

Kindly keep Cap Ternay clean to prevent a rat infestation and to maintain the beauty of the place.

On Praslin, staff removed rubbish and debris along the only official trail ‘Glacis Noire’. They cleaned around the old and damaged kiosk area and planted endemic plants.

On Curieuse focus was on removing old metals and solar batteries from the island.

In the Ste Anne Marine Park, clean up was done on the beaches of Ste Anne Island only.

There are still a lot of rubbish to be collected on the island, as it was not possible to clean all the beaches that day. A group will be mobilised soon to assist with the cleanup.

Most of the forestry staff on Mahé were at Anse Major (within the Morne Seychellois National Park) picking up litter, removing invasive creepers and clearing overgrowths.

SNPA understands the importance of clean and healthy ecosystems and will continue with regular clean ups throughout the year.