The Trumpet is native to the eastern United States, the Devil’s Ivy is from French Polynesia, and Merremia is a genus of flowering plants, in the morning glory family.

After conducting training sessions for local landscape contractors, SNPA selected five of them (by a draw) to clear five plots in five different regions on Mahé.

SNPA will soon afforest these cleared areas with endemic plants to restore biodiversity in the areas.

The authority will choose five more plots that are covered with the creepers and before the end of the year, five new contractors (those who attended training) will undertake the task of clearing them.

The control and eradication of invasive plant species inside protected areas is a mandate of the SNPA. However invasive plants have propagated out of control for many years now despite the fact that many attempts were undertaken in the past to control them.

The method used and the resources available were not adequate enough, as a result the impact has been very poor causing the invasive plant to propagate more aggressively, covering large areas within and outside the protected areas.

This new project which will span five years, will enable SNPA to control and limit the spread of invasive plant species in the country and restore cleared areas with endemic plant species.

Another important component of the project is awareness among the public on the impacts of invasive creepers. SNPA is inviting interested groups to join them to clear affected areas, an activity which can help build team spirit in many organisations while contributing positively to biodiversity conservation in the country.

The accompanying photos compare the area at Bel Air before and after the clearing.

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