The chief executive of SNPA Flavien Joubert stated that SNPA is trying really hard to improve all the beaches that are well visited by the public, along with the hike areas.

“The facilities consist of two toilets and two shelters. We were approached by AHS trying to find new ideas to benefit the community, so we decided to attend to such demand by having a toilet and shelter at Anse Major. The toilet facilities will be locked and there will be someone present that will take care of such facility. There are more concerns that we want to tackle soon,” he said.

AHS representative Neville Mennigke added that such project will benefit the community along with the tourists.

“People come to Anse Major all the time, it is a very important beach for both the Seychellois people and the tourists. It the past there were no shelter or toilet facilities, today the beach is equipped with such facilities. Also AHS along with Takamaka Bay Distillery and Archipelago Wines are proud to have helped the community of Seychelles,” he said.