After the lively meeting, Minister Loustau-Lalanne shared with the press that “this proposal from SNPA was discussed and I feel that we have not had enough discussion with the people bringing the tourists in these areas even before this paper is being presented with the government. Marine Park will invest the money that was budgeted into upgrading its sites and into conservation work. They came up with various suggestions and more consultations will be done on that matter. We currently have 78 anchorage in our marine parks and the SNPA thinks we need to add 45 more. There is a budget attached to it where we all need to work together”.

Another topic of discussion was tax on hybrid cars. The ministers present gave details on how the tax is being calculated and Minister Dogley emphasised on how Seychelles should look into moving towards becoming a greener country.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne voiced out very clearly his aversion to noise pollution. He talked about how hotels should respect the laws and not make undesirable noise beyond 11pm.

“We are unfortunately receiving some reports against some tourism institutions that are abusing the law and keep playing loud music till 2am. These institutions will have to mend their ways or else there will be consequences,” added Minister Loustau-Lalanne.

The Praslin Business Association brought up three main issues regarding Praslin directly by its chairman Christopher Gill. “Praslin for many years has been put in a corner. That’s why we had to create an association to bring up our issues to the government. Now we are in a better situation to engage with the government, hold it accountable and look at Praslin more seriously. If Seychelles as a country is happy to receive revenue from Praslin, then it needs to be more serious about Praslin. We have talked a lot about mooring of yachts and by now we need to fix our system and make things right. Daily we have some 50 to 100 yachts drop their anchors in our seas. This is money we are losing as we are not collecting the right fee from them. ”

Talking about the current situation for businesses, Mr Gill voiced out clearly that “there is a change in government and a change of management style. I believe that all Seychellois should accept the change and acknowledge the change. Now it is time for all of us to come together and work for the betterment of Seychelles. Now all Seychellois should seize the opportunity to mend our ways and seize the chance in business opportunities”.

Sybille Cardon, chairperson of the SHTA, shared that “in the past we had so many meetings that went on and on and not much were being executed. But slowly things have changed. We have reduced the number of subjects and now each issue we know who is working on it and in the next meeting we are being updated. We all want to make sure things work and if meetings do not end up in actions, there is no point in having these consultations”.

An update on the current status of the Dog Control Bill was shared with the attendees: The draft bill was presented to the Cabinet in May 2017 and ministries responsible for administering the bill when it comes into force have been directed to prepare the White Paper. In line with the existing procedures established by the executive a White Paper has been circulated to different ministries for comments and wider circulation. Copies have also been handed over to DA offices for discussion and public meetings are being scheduled for mid-July.

The minister added that “if by January 1, 2018 you are not in regulation with your dog, you will be in trouble”.

Also present at the meeting were the Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change Didier Dogley, the Minister for Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Wallace Cosgrow, principal secretaries and other business representatives.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 4.