Ms Ravinia stated that the SNPA advertised the programme and they received great response from parents, to the point that they had to turn some away as they only had room for 30 children.

She did add that they are planning to hold the programme again this December, this time at Port Launay. So parents who want their children to take part still have the chance to do so, for the fee of only R200.

The children, aged 10-15 years old, were proud to have been a part of the programme and 10-year-old Lana Constance told Sports NATION“it was very fun as now I know how to snorkel and will be able to do it whenever I want”.

“I saw a lot of things under the water such as soft corals and a red snapper. I want to continue to snorkel in the future,” she added.

As for 11-year-old Makhan Bristol, he said: “It was great and we trained a lot to be able to do it. In the morning when I arrived before the others, I went straight into the water to start early until the others arrived.”

He added: “There are lots of things under the sea and we need to protect them as they are in their natural habitat.”

It was the chief executive of SNPA, Flavien Joubert, who presented the children with their certificates, but before he did so, he thanked the children and their instructors for their efforts to make the programme a success.

He added: “I am happy that a lot of you responded and the parents showed their support and I want to encourage more children to sign for future programmes and those who have already completed the programme you should continue snorkelling as there is still so much more to discover in our seas.”

Mr Joubert has also asked for support from people who are interested in the programme to do more to protect our seas.