On Sunday 26th January, staffs of the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) teamed up with a group of University of Seychelles (UniSey) students and staffs from Ministry of Environment and Energy, for a hike to commemorate National Parks Day, despite heavy rains the previous day.

Group photo of participants

The trail started at Le Niol and we walked through the national park to Mare aux Cochons. We then walked downhill through Cape Verte, to reach the end of Mont D'Or. We proceeded to walk all the way to Port Glaud and ended up at Port Launay. Participants were able to appreciate and learn about the flora and fauna they encountered thanks to the help Mr. Simon Dogley and Mr. Terrence Valentin, from SNPA, who acted as guides. Participants engaged in the planting of Pandanus seeds along the trail at Cape Verte, and searched for Sechellophrine gardineri frogs which are amongst one of the smallest frogs in the world.

Planting of Pandanus along the trail

As the rain had been very intense the previous day, the participants had to cross many small streams and ran into trees and branches that had fallen along the path. The hike took a little under 4 hours, and ended up at Port Launay.

Contributed by Amanda Rene - University of Seychelles