The Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) has donated a set of books to educators of the eco-school programme at the Ministry of Education.

The presentation ceremony took place during the first eco-school committee meeting at the Ministry of Education and was attended by eco-school educators from 35 primary and secondary schools.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming environmental activities for this year. Eco-school is a programme whereby teachers and students become aware of the different environmental issues and help the schools to become more environmentally friendly.  Students can take part in environmental-based competition such as Clean up the World, World Wetlands Day, Water Day, Subios…etc.  ‘Reflection from the sea; Thinking through the marine and Coastal System’ is the title of the book presented by Patsy Thérésine from the Research section. 

The book was sponsored by the Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean East Africa (CORDIOEA) organisation which takes part in programmes to evaluate and respond to the degradation of corals in countries in east Africa.

The book is very resourceful and will guide the eco-school educators so that they can prepare different activities with their members. It sets out activities that can be carried out in different sessions based on maritime and coastal environment, and will help the student to understand, actively take part in activities and create awareness for the sustainability of our environment.

The environmental education unit of the Ministry of Education has also previously received several donations of books for use in the eco-school programme from various other organisations such as the Mangroves For the Future, Save Our Seas Foundation, the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles, Plant Conservation Action Group in a bid to strengthen knowledge and build capacity of both students and teachers in the field of environmental education.

“We are thankful to the generous donation from the SNPA at this early month of the year and we hope that more of such gestures will come our way for the betterment of Seychelles’ beautiful environment,” said Terence Crea, the new environment education coordinator for the section replacing Shane Emilie who has just left Seychelles to further his studies in environmental education at Rhodes University in South Africa.