The Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) is collaborating with Anchors Away, a non-profit organisation based in Seychelles, to help save coral reefs.

Anchors Away is assisting the SNPA with the necessary equipment and materials for the installation of mooring buoys in Baie Ternay, Ste Anne, Curieuse and Ile Cocos marine national parks.

The marine national park contains coral reefs with important ecological functions.  Coral reef is home to a diversity of colourful marine animals and plants.  Visitors

can discover these amazing creatures through snorkeling and scuba diving.  Anchoring at a popular dive spot or on areas on coral reef can have detrimental effects on corals.  Boat anchors can significantly damage the sea floor habitats through the dragging of a single anchor or anchor chain.  The damage can then transform the physical structure or seascape to rubble.  Because of the slow growth of most corals (only a few centimeters per years), constant anchoring can have devastating effects on a healthy coral reef.

One of the easiest and yet most effective means to protect and mitigate against the impact of boat anchors to the living coral reef is through the installation of mooring buoys.  Mooring buoys can help to eliminate the destruction of corals reefs.  The buoys can be installed close to or over a traditional boat anchoring sites.  Instead of dropping their anchors, boats can make use of the moorings and thereby eliminating chain sweep and anchor damage to corals.  This practice is being used in various parts of the world.  It helps to support healthy coral reefs, thus supporting biodiversity and the resource which coastal communities depend on. 

Recently, the SNPA was approached by Royden du Plooy to discuss about possible assistance to install new mooring buoys for ships that anchor in the marine national parks.

Mr du Plooy and his wife Tania, who reside in Seychelles, are the patrons of Anchors Away, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of coral reefs for future generations.  Its mission is to halt the destruction of coral reef ecosystems caused by the repetitive use of boat anchors and anchor chains at recreational dive sites and marine parks in Seychelles, by raising funds to supply and install mooring buoys, both within the marine parks and on other popular dive sites and recreational anchorages.  The organisation receives its operating funds through donations of conservation minded individuals, companies and organisations. 

The installation of mooring buoys will prevent further destruction of the coral reefs.

The SNPA has already received the first batch of equipment and four mooring buoys have already been installed at Baie Ternay.  According to Mr du Plooy, they are already in the process of securing more funds and they have already placed order for more new equipment which include mooring buoys, ropes, helix, etc.  These will be used in the installation of more buoys in Ste Anne, Curieuse and Ile Cocos marine parks given the increase in the number of boats visiting these parks. 

Denis Matatiken of the SNPA says he would like the authority to formalise this agreement with Anchors Away under a memorandum of understanding.  The authority has also initiated discussions with other partners such as Silhouette Cruise to assist with the installation of both the mooring and demarcation buoys as well as the buoys maintenance. SMSA is also being consulted in the process. 

The activity is being coordinated and facilitated by Rodney Quatre, Paul Lavigne, Bernard Bijoux, Ritval Pillay and Davis Monthy from the SNPA.