Accompanied by teachers, the students were able to learn about snorkelling equipment and then how to snorkel, and also about equipment used to scuba dive.

Although they could not go into the sea with the scuba gear on, they were able to experience breathing under water in a tub, with ever-vigilant officials for the day making sure everything went smoothly.

There were also games such as find the marine park, face-painting, beanbag toss and relay races.

The message of the Minister for Environment and Energy for Biodiversity Day was also read out, which stressed on islanders such as ourselves making it a must to know our biodiversity.

“We, islanders, should make it a must to for us to dive in the waters around our shores in an effort to better appreciate and discover just how rich the marine biodiversity is.”

“We, Seychellois, as a people, should be proud of not only our natural heritage, but also our achievement as a small nation with limited resources. Today Seychelles is recognised globally as a world leader in biodiversity conservation and we have only achieved this through our hard work and dedication.”

After an exciting day at the beach, the students were told to share what they had learned with others, at home and also at school.