It was the initiative of the Indian Ocean Commission (COI) to organize and invite Indian Ocean countries to participate in a one week, Marine Protected Areas Management Training, held on Rodrigues Island. Delegates from five countries participated, and these included Zanzibar, Mauritius and Rodrigues, Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles. Four participants from Seychelles attended the workshop, and these included Mr. Remie Asman and Mr. Anto Suzette, who are both Assistant Park Officers with the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA).

The training opened on Monday 9th December by the Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues Island. It was aimed at building the capacity of participants to better manage the MPAs they are responsible for, to implement effective management, and achieve better communication, while dealing with possible threats that they encounter in their MPAs.

Each participant had to give a short presentation of their MPA, and lead discussions to further elaborate on their role and enable sharing of ideas, so that they could learn from each other and gain new insights about better MPA management and threat reduction.

Mr. Asman describes the training as a very good learning opportunity, and goes on to say that he has learnt a lot in terms of long term conservation and sustainable use of marine resources and biodiversity. Since communication is a key element in the day to day running of any organization, he is now trying to turn his workplace into a better working environment, by establishing a good communication network between staffs and their superiors. He hopes to contribute and help lead the drawing up and implementation of an effective Management Plan for the operations unit of SNPA.

Mr. Asman takes this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have supported the Seychelles participants and helped in making the training a success.

Mr. Remie Asman receives his certificate upon completion of the training

Mr. Anto Suzette receives his certificate at the end of the training