Seychelles National Parks Authority

The Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) is responsible for all of the marine and terrestrial national parks of Seychelles and a number of these parks have been designated since 1979. The terrestrial parks include Morne Seychellois National Park, the Praslin National Park and the Veuve Reserve on La Digue. The Marine National parks includes Ste. Anne (one of the first marine protected area in the Indian Ocean), Silhouette, Port Launay, Baie Ternay, Ile Coco, Curieuse & Saint Pierre. All of these protected areas offer a diversity of fauna and flora which is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year, with each park having its particular interesting features.

The Seychelles National Parks also conduct various research work on land and in the ocean and have been working in collaboration with various internationally recognized institutions. The Authority also places strong emphasis on Education and Awareness and organizes various national events throughout the year to help towards conservation.

Our Mission

To effectively protect and manage designated marine and terrestrial protected areas including forested areas for future generations with the intention to use them for conservation, recreation, research and educational purposes.

Our Vision

Protecting and conserving the Seychelles natural heritage for future generations


  • To protect, as a first priority, our natural environment and ecosystems and ensure that they remain healthy.
  • To deliver a consistent, quality and reliable service to our customers.
  • To demonstrate the value of protected areas to the country’s economy, national development and its people. To inspire a generation of conservationists through passion and knowledge.