Many of the beaches on Curieuse Island are visited by sea turtles during the turtle nesting and breeding season. These include hawksbills and green turtles. The Authority monitors the movement of the sea turtles during each breeding season as part of their turtle conservation and monitoring programme.  Turtles are tagged and specific measurements taken.  The information are recorded and analysed to understand habitat utilization, the size of the population, nesting behavior and population trends. Staff must be properly trained to enable them to accurately collect the necessary data.

At the beginning of the 2012-13 hawksbill nesting season, a group of SNPA staff including some GVI volunteers under the leadership of Dr. Jeanne Mortimer, met in a workshop on Curieuse to learn about the biology and conservation of sea turtles, methods to identify turtle species, sea turtle evolution, natural history and threats, as well as their value to human and ecosystems. The training was delivered through power point presentations and discussion. The aim was to prepare the participants for the 2012-13 hawksbill nesting season.

Participants visited major nesting beaches especially Grand Anse and Anse Papaie. In addition, they were able to assess the physical condition of the beaches and vegetation and to examine the green turtle body pits. Following the training a number of recommendations were made through a report to the Management of the Authority.

As a result of the training, there has been an improvement in the quality of data from 2012-13 nesting season. With the assistance of GVI, we are also updating the database from 2007 onwards in order to produce a report and publication on the population dynamics and trends of the nesting populations of Curieuse Island.